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Be Naked Cover
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Lashbox LA's challenge is helping lash experts and lay people who love makeup come together in one place to appreciate cosmetics that appeal to those with and without lash extensions.


The Be Naked eye care line needed to evoke a scientific and luxury emotionality to convince LBLA subscribers and those new to the brand their eyes and eye health rely on the science backed Be Naked products. By approaching the campaign from all angles, physical assets, digital social, expressing luxury through high shine surfaces and glistening water and including data and the medically proven benefits of the natural ingredients, including giveaways on social, LBLA saw a 30% increase in revenue compared to previously launched lines that did not focus on a science backed angle.

Be Naked Micellar Cleanser EBlast v2.jpg
Be Naked Foaming Cleanser EBLAST 7.5.22.jpg
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