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The MeltAway product needed to find an elevated way to illustrate its pretty clinical narrative and find a way to make the gel remover solution color make sense given this brand's extremely tight color palette.

The spin for the gel solution was to call it high visibility making the red tint color seem like an purposeful choice rather than strictly chemistry one (which it was). The packaging isn't elaborate so I went high concept and decided environment, high gloss surfaces and showing the idea of melting, like ice, would make our little guy stand out..

Our subscriber list saw a 15% growth boost of new subscribers and 30% of our users who were already loyal to the glue subscription program enrolled in MeltAway renewal subscription. 

This was a 360 campaign: New packaging, digital across the board, social, reels, TikTok, shelf talkers for distributes, post cards announcing MeltAway's arrival.

Melt Away_Melted in Puddle
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